Let’s trade Down Under!


One must be tired of hearing about Brexit on a daily-basis, but it will certainly be discussed for a long time as its impact has stunned the UK, Europe and the world alike.

There has been a lot of anxiousness linked with the prospective Brexit move which is yet to take place. Many negative ideologies and analysis have emerged, predicting Britain’s doom and the economical downfall. However, not all seems to have been lost just yet. It has now emerged that Australia is keen to call for a free trade deal with the UK post its exit from the EU.

It has been said that the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcom Turnbull, had called the new British Prime Minister informing that he wanted to open trading between Britain and Australia immediately.

The new International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, has also mentioned that he has been “scoping about a dozen free trade deals”, while the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has described this gesture by the Australian PM as “very encouraging”, which may just about prove that Brexit could be successful for the United Kingdom.

Although this scenario seems promising and reassuring, experts have warned that trade deals take a while to go through. Additionally, Britain will not be able to sign any deals as it is still a member of the European Union.

Nonetheless, this opportunity seems like an optimistic chance for the UK to prosper and make a success out of Brexit by bagging free trade deals with nations across the globe.


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