What do companies gain from appearing on our programmes?

Collaborative Media have been producing films for clients across the UK for over 5 years. We have recently produced films focusing on industries like manufacturing, technology and transportation.

Kit Wisdom, Head of Corporate Mobility, Alphabet (GB) interviewed for our transportation programme
Kit Wisdom, Head of Corporate Mobility, Alphabet (GB) for our transportation programme

Our 30 minute programmes give an overview of an industry, and show the unique challenges it faces. We create a wider understanding of the sector by providing a platform for industry leaders to share expertise on the latest news, developments and opportunities. Our programmes feature several industry leading companies who we interview to demonstrate their contribution to the industry.

So why should you contribute to our programmes?

  • Our programmes are broadcast on Sky TV and BBC/ITV Freesat to a large, business focussed audience. The broadcast channel is Information TV, which is dedicated to commercial programming and receives viewing figures around 200,000. This platform can dramatically improve your brand reach and start the industry talking about you.
  • By featuring on our programmes you will be seen as an industry leading company. You will be given around 7 minutes of air time to explain what your company does better than anyone else.
  • We send several drafts of the edit and encourage feedback from clients throughout to ensure we represent you in line with your expectations. After the project you own all the footage and are free to use it for any other projects you have.
  • You also receive a podcast of up to 15 minutes, which is entirely about your company. This is a great thing to embed into your website, social media platforms, or to send to existing or prospective clients. This is an excellent way to explain or pitch your business, quickly and engagingly.
  • Our programmes are broadcast 6 times on Sky.

If you’re interested in contributing to a programme, please email us at info@collaborativemedia.co.uk and one of our producers will get in touch with you.

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