Cutting Edge Engineering

Executive TV are happy to announce Cutting Edge Engineering, the next addition to our long running series Manufacturing The Future. This program features a wide ranging discussion of the challenges facing the British engineering sector and how the UK industry can succeed in the global economy.

Britain has a long industrial heritage and despite the changing environment the UK’s manufacturing industry continues to lead the world in innovation and design. Companies in the UK do face stiff challenges from many sides but factors like automation and world leading development continue to make the UK a force in the global industry. With the imminent arrival of industry 4.0 many British manufacturers are set to reinvent their businesses and redefine their whole sectors.

This program brings together three precision engineering firms from across the UK. Brafe are one of the UK’s leading foundry operators who have grown their business to include machinging, finishing and fabrication. 3D Squared offer cutting edge engineering services for additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping aimed at improving the speed of development. Threadmaster Gauges are a major name in precision engineering, delivering gauging and quality assurance to a global base of demanding industries.

Cutting Edge Engineering will be first broadcast on our usual channel, Propeller TV (Sky 185) on Sunday 10th of June at 10.30am, and repeated on Sunday 1st of July at 10.30am. After the initial broadcast the program will be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.


Healthcare’s Digital Revolution

Executive TV are proud to bring you our latest program exploring the future of medicine Healthcare Of Tomorrow. This program explores a wide range of emergent technologies that will be critical to patient care in the coming years, including advanced imaging, digital records and the computer systems they rely on.

Healthcare has long been a cutting edge industry, focused on using new technologies to deliver better patient care. The digital revolution has touched almost every aspect of modern medicine, helping doctors to work faster, smarter and more effectively. In the coming years we will see major steps taken to help doctors treat more patients and deliver a better service at a lower cost.

This program brings together three major voices in digital healthcare from across the whole medical industry. Sony Healthcare focus on bringing cutting edge imaging solution into the healthcare market, using innovations like 3D video to make surgeries faster and safer. EDM are a major name in healthcare digitization with expertise in digital transformation and records management. SCC have worked with many healthcare trusts to deliver the critical hardware and infrastructure needed to embrace digital working.

Healthcare Of Tomorrow will be first broadcast on our usual channel, Propeller TV (Sky 185) on Sunday 3rd of June at 10am, and repeated on Sunday 1st of July at 10am. After the initial broadcast the program will be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.

Pinacl Solutions – Digitizing Public Services


IT is a critical force in the modern work place. It can enable staff to be more responsive and more efficient while providing greater security and accountability. The past decade has seen an increasing pace of change and it’s critical you keep pace on your digital journey. Pinacl provide a truly collaborative digital transformation solution that has helped customers across the UK achieve their roadmaps and deliver performance gains.

Pinacl have worked with major public and private organisations to help deliver their digital transformations. Through a range of managed services we can help you to achieve the next step of your digital journey. Our particular expertise include delivering a secure and reliable internet of things, developing smart places and networking solutions tailored to our clients specific needs. We can provide a truly complete solution, covering everything from devices to cloud services to networking infrastructure.

Support is absolutely critical to any organisations IT. Pinacl have built up a wealth of expertise managing mission critical networks and cloud services for clients in demanding sectors such as healthcare and local authorities. We are trusted to provide real time support by customers across the UK and have developed long and successful relationships to continue digital transformation into the future.

Syrinix – Innovation In Utilities


Syrinix provides intelligent pipeline monitoring and has done since inception in 2004. Syrinix began life as a research project at the University of East Anglia (UEA) ‘spinning out’ to become a commercial entity.

The general theme of all products and service offerings is to offer utilities –

  • high quality precise data
  • a view of their networks they would not otherwise have
  • The ability to transform how they operate their networks in terms of efficiency and efficacy

The Syrinix product range is complementary

    • PIPEMINDER-T – specifically for trunk mains monitoring including precision leak detection
    • PIPEMINDER-S – high resolution pressure monitoring for all pipelines (and flow monitoring with flow meter)
    • PIPEMINDER-C – monitoring pressure on pressurised wastewater pipelines

All products feed into the cloud-based data platform RADAR, by which users can view data, configure devices, receive alerts and download reports.

The hardware sales are accompanied by annual software licencing with remote upgrade functionality.


PIPEMINDER -T provides permanent precision leak detection plus locating on large critical high consequence trunk mains, thus ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted supply of water. PIPEMINDER-T assists utilities to better understand their underground assets, searching for leaks without the need for service disruption. Deployments with utilities around the globe are enabling operators to precisely locate small emerging leaks on monitored critical trunk mains, allowing proactive planning to avert catastrophic failures. Early warning enables the utility to make informed decisions which in turn minimises infrastructure damage, repair costs and leakage. Critical assets can be proactively renewed, headline grabbing bursts avoided, asset life extended and successfully deferring the cost of replacement.

The permanently deployed system enables continual leak detection without the disadvantages of closing roads, giving access to pipelines to third parties, risking potential contamination of water supply or other issues associated with survey methods. Nor is the utility dependent on a snap shot in time perspective on the condition of the pipeline.

PIPEMINDER-T automatically collects acoustic data from paired units which is then processed through a series of leak detection algorithms and is assessed within RADAR. Multiple data sets are reviewed, and confidence-based alerts are reported only when needed, due to built-in false positive mitigation.

To demonstrate, WaterOne, a utility in Kansas detected a leak via a simulated test at just at just 0.075 litres/second on 760mm lined cylinder pipe. This was detected by a pair of PIPEMINDER-T’s 2000m apart. Using high resolution pressure and flow data, PIPEMINDER-T also provides transient detection with burst alert capability.

Paired with PIPEMINDER-T, RADAR provides the clearest and most accurate visualisation of leak detection and network activity. Utilities are therefore, able to manage critical pipeline assets and the related risks on an active and informed basis rather than in a reactionary way.

  • For risk management of larger (9”/22cm) supply pipelines in high consequence locations
  • Sensors permanently attached to pipeline at up to 750m intervals
  • Precise incipient leak detection and locating
  • Automated alerts
  • Rechargeable/3G variant (outside of London)

Multiple applications –

  • Leak detection on truck mains
  • Contributes to calmer networks
  • Flow monitoring and burst alerts
  • Pattern recognition for active asset management


Installed across a network, the high-resolution monitoring provided by PIPEMINDER -S enables utilities to gain valuable network insight of their pipelines, providing enhanced resilience through continual monitoring. The ability to detect water hammer / pressure transients, bursts, leaks, network anomalies and pinpoint any unstable activity, means utility managers can understand and manage their networks efficiently and effectively.

High resolution event data, (pressure transients and bursts), is uploaded to RADAR, providing immediate insight to the utility. PIPEMINDER-S highlights events whether absolute pressure exceeds a maximum level or not, recognising that constant oscillations within a pipeline, causing ‘fatigue’, can also lead to leaks and bursts. It is this approach – the ‘Syrinix S3 severity score’ – which enables utilities to make changes to calm networks and extend infrastructure lifetimes.

PIPEMINDER-S identifies problems that would simply not be identified with conventional low-resolution data logging. Precision time stamping across multiple devices allows events to be sequenced and traced as they progress throughout the network, enabling utilities to identify, locate and trace events, find the cause of the problem and solve it. Utilities can optimise pressure and calm their network, understand anomalies, proactively plan mitigations and reduce operational costs. By combining high resolution data with automated analysis and alerts, global utilities are now able to increase the resilience of their networks.

  • Multi-function pan-network monitoring solution
  • “S” for supply pipelines and “C” for pressurised wastewater networks
  • Precise transient capture with immediate notification of transients and bursts* *flow meter required
  • Rechargeable battery powered and easily installed


PIPEMINDER-C aids the industry’s understanding of gravity mains in Wastewater networks by providing 24/7 high resolution data; enabling the identification of root causes of operational issues and mitigating the risks associated with operating ageing infrastructure.

PIPEMINDER-C identifies previously unseen problems that could lead to failures with significant financial, environmental and reputational implications. Intelligent event detection, immediate critical alerts, and integration into Syrinix’s cloud-based reporting software RADAR, ensures PIPEMINDER-C provides utilities with an accurate insight into pipeline activity

Installed on gravity mains of any material or diameter, PIPEMINDER-C grades damaging transients using the ‘Syrinix S3 score’. This helps users to pinpoint asset repair and management activities, making it a key tool for mitigating the risks associated with operating aging wastewater pipelines.

In summary, with PIPEMINDER, utilities can safely, and cost effectively manage risk, carry out pressure optimisation & network calming activities, while increasing service resilience.


Innovation In Healthcare – Medical Devices


Executive TV are happy to announce Medical Devices, the latest episode in our series Innovation In Healthcare. For this program we’ve brought together a UK manufacturer, a medical product developer and an expert in medical device regulations to discuss the importance of medical devices today and how we can make them better.

A century of medical advances have been driven by rapid advances in the tools available to clinicians. In many cases, diagnosing and treating patients would be impossible without medical devices. Developers and manufacturers face major challenges, from the high cost of R&D to the need to balance high quality and affordable pricing. Medical Devices seeks to answer how the industry can continue to provide world class products in a challenging landscape for manufacturers.

This program brings together three major name from the British medical device industry. Medical Device Management are experts in quality assurance and regulatory compliance for the medical sector. Purple Surgical are one of the UK’s leading medical device manufacturers and serve customers across the globe. Bespak have helped customers across the world to prototype, design and commercialize medical devices. We are proud to have brought together these voices from the British medical industry and to share this insight into the future of the sector.

Medical Devices will be first broadcast on our usual channel, Propeller TV (Sky 189) on Sunday 15th of April at 10.30am. After the initial broadcast the program will be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.

Innovation In Healthcare: Neonatal Care


Executive TV are pleased to announce Neonatal Care, the latest instalment in our Innovation In Healthcare series. This program brings together two leading innovators in newborn healthcare with leading neonatal clinicians to discuss how new developments can lead to safer, healthier mothers and babies.

Maternity and neonatal medicine is central to ensuring that childbirth is a joyous occasion. Ensuring that children are born health has been perhaps the greatest priority of healthcare for the past century. During that time many advanced technologies have been brought into neonatal care, helping to ensure that every baby gets the care they need. Advances come in many forms, from improved antenatal care to improved birthing and midwifery and finally to neonatal medicine itself.

This program brings together two contributors who have made major strides in maternity and neonatal care. Birthsparks are a British start-up who have developed an innovative upright birthing tool that has been shown to help reduce complications. Surepulse offer an uninvasive way to monitor new borns vital signs in the critical moments after birth, ensuring that respiratory support or intensive care can be delivered immediately when complications do occur.

Neonatal Care will be first broadcast on our usual channel, Propeller TV (Sky 189) on Sunday 8th of April at 10am, and repeated on Sunday 13th of May at 10am. After the initial broadcast the program will be available online at with the rest of our digital archive.


Aptus Utilities Ltd is an award-winning multi utility provider that works with construction industry clients on industrial, residential and commercial developments across the UK.

The Independent Connections Provider (ICP) was formed in Bolton, in 2010, to fill a gap in the market for a multi utility solution that reduces bureaucracy, streamlines processes and helps developers to meet industry targets.

The demand for effective multi utility provision was accentuated by the fallout from the 2008 economic recession. Prior to this, it was customary practice for separate gas, water and electric companies to install services as a single utility on construction sites, necessitating the repetition of a number of procedures such as excavation and reinstatement of highways.

Aptus Utilities’ one-stop-shop approach removed this need by coordinating the installation of all services within an integrated scheme of works, thereby refining processes and reducing costs.

The company takes the pressure off developers by managing the whole process, from design and installation through to commissioning and adoption. This approach is delivered with one project manager to oversee the whole scheme, freeing the client to focus fully on the completion of their development.

Street lighting services were added to the company’s portfolio in 2012 further augmenting its offer to clients and establishing a benchmark in the provision of multi utilities. Eight years on Aptus Utilities has completed works on almost 1000 sites across the UK for more than 300 clients.

The company’s winning formula has resulted in consistent year-on-year growth in terms of turnover, profit, workforce and scope of geographical operations which has gained national recognition – the company was named in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 in consecutive years in 2016 and 2017 and included in the 2017 London Stock Exchange Group Report ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’.

Aptus Utilities is on course to increase turnover for a seventh consecutive year as it approaches an eighth anniversary in March 2018 and continues to play an integral role partnering with national house builders and providing essential support to independent builders which is helping to drive construction growth and assist in meeting the housing demand.

At the heart of this success is a well-skilled and unified team focused on the delivery of exceptional customer service which has been achieved by a strategic approach to recruitment and a commitment to investing in apprenticeships and staff development.

An estimated 1.5 million workers are required to help build housing in the UK by 2021 but an ageing workforce and other economic factors mean the industry is facing a critical skills shortage which is intensifying the demand for properly qualified personnel within the sector.

Aptus Utilities has made it a priority to address the skills shortage by growing its own workforce from the outset, focusing on attracting a younger generation into the industry within both construction and administrative roles to lead the company forward.

The demand to nurture new talent and a skilled workforce will continue to be a priority as the company seeks to grow its share of the UK multi utility marketplace safeguarding not only the future of the company but ensuring a supply of skilled personnel to future proof the industry.